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Management Team

Erin AdneyErin Adney

Approved Provider and Licensee

From the time Erin left school, she has always wanted to work with children. In 1978, Erin completed her 2 years full time studies in childcare.

Erin’s career has now spanned over 37 years and has covered all areas of early childhood education and care catering for children aged 0-12. Erin has experience in long day care, pre-school kindergartens, occasional care, family day care and out of school hours care. Erin is active in all areas of the industry with roles ranging from educator, Director and Nominated Supervisor.

Erin is the proud mother of three grown children who are now active participants in the family business. As her children were growing Erin was heavily involved in facilitating play groups and had strong ties to community groups such as Brownies, Guides and Scouts. Erin has also worked in inner city centres, and all her services are inclusive of diverse cultures, abilities and needs.

Erin started her first early childhood education and care service in 1995. Erin’s desire to provide quality care that is accessible to all in the community resulted in the establishment of several centres, each with an individual name, running as an autonomous centre within its own community, but with same high standards that Erin felt was important.

To extend her knowledge and skills Erin became an NCAC Validator. As a validator Erin ensured high quality care and education practices were implemented in services throughout NSW.

Erin’s current role at Mimosa Preschool and Early Learning Centre and Mimosa Out of School Hours is certified supervisor, Licensee and Business Owner.


LaurenceLaurence Adney

Operations Manager

Laurence completed an Electronics and Communications Certificate at college and then entered the workforce for the aviation industry with the Federal Government and then moved into Satellite Communications with AUSSATT, which later became OPTUS.

Laurence’s design skills started with working on his father’s building sites and continued through the design and project management of 8 education and care centres. Using his knowledge and IT skills, Laurence has made AQCC a leader in childcare management systems.

Laurence collates the accounting and technology for our business ensuring AQCC has the resources to meet and improve the standards, which we believe are important in the continuation of quality childcare.

In recent years Laurence has implemented a business management solution program for childcare.  The program is called Austral CCMS and helps childcare providers meet the government standards for the child care benefit (CCB) scheme and Dec licensing standards for enrolment of children. Future Blocks runs a help desk for customers using the program and keeps up to date with the government requirements for CCB.


MelissaMelissa Adney

OOSH Coordinator and Nominated Supervisor

Melissa has been working in the industry for over 9 years, holds her Diploma in Children’s Services and is currently completing her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education via correspondence.

During her 8 years in the field Melissa has worked as an early childhood and OOSH educator, a room leader, OOSH Coordinator and Nominated Supervisor. Melissa is dedicated to quality service provision and has a strong personal commitment towards the continuing improvement and development of each of our services.

Melissa possess a solid knowledge of the National Quality Framework, National Quality Standards, Early Years Learning Framework and the My Time, Our Place framework.

Within her various management roles at Mimosa, Melissa has developed a sound knowledge of the Education and Care Services National Education and Law. She had developed and implemented new policies and procedures and continues to maintain and develop collaborative relationships with children, families, school personal and communities.

As Nominated Supervisor Melissa is responsible for the overall running of this service on a day to day basis (including rostering, conducting staff meetings, overseeing educators, newsletters etc.) She ensures the educational programmes are delivered according the framework, individual needs of children and ensures the safety and provision off all children utilising our service.



ChrisChris Adney

OOSH Educator, Certified Supervisor and Building Maintenance

Chris has more than 10 years experience working with children aged 0-12 years. He has experience in all areas of early childhood education and care business and management including a position as OOSH Coordinator before moving into other areas of management.

Chris draws from his knowledge of the National Quality Framework, National Quality Standards and My Time, Our Place framework to assist in delivering a high quality programme at our services.

Chris’ responsibilities include training and overseeing staff, policy review, building maintenance, monitoring and evaluating the program, ordering suitable equipment and resources etc.

As Certified Supervisor Chris is responsible for the overall running of this service on a day to day basis (including rostering, conducting staff meetings, overseeing educators, newsletters etc.) where the Nominated Supervisor is absent.

Chris is a fantastic advocate for education and care and maintains a fantastic rapport with the children, families and school community in which our current services are located.


MichelleMichelle Adney

OOSH Educator and Enrolled Nurse

Michelle grew up in education and care services and has a natural ability with all children and our families love her!

Michelle has been working professionally in the industry for 6 years. As an enrolled nurse she combines her knowledge of health and her passion for children to benefit all families and staff members within our services. In conjunction with our Nominated Supervisor Michelle reviews all policies including all health policies and procedures.

Michelle uses her knowledge of the My Time Our Place framework to design and provide a large variety of quality learning, leisure and craft experiences for children aged 5-12. Her input into our program and curriculum and close relationships with the children is invaluable for observing and catering for the children’s wellness, wellbeing, needs and interests.