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3/84 Old Pittwater Road
Brookvale NSW 2100

Our Philosophy

Our service is to the community in which we operate.  The unique requirements and preferences of a community are reflected in the way we do business.


In naming our child services we believe in choosing a name that reflects the local community rather than reflecting a corporate entity.  It is the reputation of the local service that will make it successful and well-loved.


While others brand services with the same brush (ie ABC Learning Centres) we do not.  All Quality Child Care is not a corporation to beat its own drum and promote itself, but rather a servant to the local community.


All Quality Childcare recognises the importance of valuing the community as a whole, we value the importance of belonging to our community and hold a sense of accountability to the communities in which we are located.


Our services aim to be an advocate for children and families in the local community. We endeavour to work in partnership with families and members of the local community in order to form relationships that are fundamental to achieving quality outcomes for all children.


We have a Central Office, not a Head Office. Policy and procedures are implemented and maintained without stifling the uniqueness of our educators and nominated supervisors who are dedicated to exceeding the customised needs of the children and parents they serve.


Our staff are from the local community and reflect local community values.  We listen to our staff and continue to encourage them to extend their knowledge through further education and professional development.  As a result we employ highly motivated people who have excellent relationships with the children they care for.  We have a high level of staff retention and many return to us after having had their own children.


Experience as parents has taught us to ensure that all of our centres are very well equipped with highly maintained premises.  We have excellent business skills, ensuring the very best in managing cash flow and staffing levels.


We are a family orientated business.  Our children are involved with us in our business and share our values.  We understand the difficulties families have, including marital troubles, financial hardship, divorce and deaths, which can impact severely on the families we serve.


It is important to us that we achieve a high quality service that is not just about the budget.  To that end, we encourage participation from community members in all areas of our services. Through active and open communication, consultation and we can ensure the best path forward.