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National Quality Framework

When designing, implementing and reflecting upon programs educators will:

  • Implement  spontaneous, planned and intentional learning, play and leisure activities which including supporting spontaneous play and leisure experiences initiated by children.
  • Implement the Framework by using an ongoing cycle of reflective practice drawing on information from the context of each particular setting.
  • Expose children to a wide range of experiences and activities
  • Develop relationships and partnerships with all families to form ongoing, open and honest communication.
  • Acknowledge the diversity of communities and be inclusive of all family groups.
  • Develop programs that are culturally appropriate and developed in consultation with families and community will ensure that children and families, are actively participating and contributing their knowledge and ideas as learning evolves.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders to evaluate and review the program
  • Incorporate contemporary theory and research
  • Observe and record observations about the children’s wellbeing, wellness, needs and interests which will impact on program planning
  • the programme meets the standards in Quality Area One of the National Standards.
  • consider such things as the environment, the routines, the everyday resources, and even the skills and knowledge of the educators who work with the children.
  • Provide opportunities for the development of math and science skills and interests
  • encourage children to explore natural aspects of our environment, the interconnectedness of all living things, construction experiences, cooking experiences, art and craft experiences, music, drama and theatre play, water play and the collecting harmless leaves and insects.
  • provide children with balanced opportunities for quiet times, alone and group times, small and large group activities and provision for non-participating children.
  • allow frequent opportunities to have friendly interaction with all children individually, and respond to them warmly.
  • Ensure the program is developmentally and individually appropriate for all groups, ages and abilities of children.
  • Display a copy of the curriculum, learning stories and/or other learning documentation pertaining to the educational programme at the service for families and other stakeholders to view.
  • use an ongoing and cyclic  process for planning and programming based on the diagram from Figure 3 on p.12 of the Educators Guide to the My Time Our Place Framework as viewed in this policy.